SOD Intern Intro

Hello All!

My name is Madi, and I am currently the School of Drama intern that has been helping to run the SOD Facebook page! I am currently a Junior Liberal Studies (Hutchins) Major/ Sociology minor at Sonoma State!I have been working with the School of Drama since January and I have been loving it so far!

I have gotten to work with the Homeschool Program doing a feature for them on the Facebook page, I have gotten to go to some of the Adult acting classes. I have enjoyed getting to see people of all ages and skill levels. I have gotten to see more theater lately and that has been great experiences. I have been working with these programs most lately and I am excited to expand the classes I see and learn about!

So far my favorite thing to work on has been the Homeschool Program feature. I got to interact with the students and learn about why they come to this program and how much they enjoy it. I also got to see them practice for their “preview performance” of Peter and the Star Catcher.  As I continue throughout the semester with the SOD I would like to work more with different classes and age groups to learn more about the different types of classes.

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