Auditions for Anna in the Tropics

Auditions for Anna in the Tropics

6th Street Playhouse will be seeing adult actors, by appointment only, for roles in the upcoming production of Nilo Cruz’s Anna in the Tropics, directed by Marty Pistone.

Saturday, November 21, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm &

Sunday, November 22, 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Where:  Rehearsal Room at the 6th Street Playhouse, 52 W. 6th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Actors should prepare one dramatic monologue (classic, OK!). Anything along the lines of Tennessee Williams, Lorca or Chekhov is suggested. Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition.Actors may also be asked to do some cold reads from the script and/or come to a callback on Saturday, November 28th from 10am-6pm, and maybe the 29th if needed.To set up an audition appointment, please email with your availability.

Rehearsals for this production will start on February 9th. The show opens March 11th and is scheduled to run through March 26th on the G.K. Hardt Stage.

All actors will receive a stipend. This is a non AEA production.


**We hope to honor this play and the ethnic backgrounds of the characters as much as possible in choosing our Actors; therefore actors who identify as Hispanic/Latino/Cuban are strongly encouraged to audition.

Santiago (Late Fifties) ‐ Santiago is the owner of the cigar factory and the patriarch in his world. Plagued by gambling troubles to protect and provide for his wife and two daughters as well as defend the nature of the Cuban tradition in his factory.

Cheche’ (Early Fortes) ‐ Santiago’s “long lost” half-brother who is more interested in modernizing the cigar factory than in stories told by the factory’s new lector. His bitterness, stemming from the fact that his wife left him is a danger to everyone in the play.

Ofelia (Fifties) – In Ofelia exists a rare combination of passion and common sense. As Santiago’s wife and matriarch of the factory, she keeps her family from falling apart with a strong and loving touch.

Marela (22) – The youngest child of Ofelia and Santiago. Marela is fresh-faced and innocent and allows herself to believe whole-heartedly in the romance of Anna Karenina. Her naiveté leaves her vulnerable, however, when she is around those who see the world in a darker way.

Conchita (32) ‐ Marela’s older sister finds new life through the lector and his readings of “Anna Karenina.” She recognizes the predicaments that Tolstoy’s characters face and regards the book as a way to gauge her own life.

Palomo (41) ‐ Conchita’s husband is a straightforward man whose machismo has made him take his wife for granted until she awakens jealousy within him.

Juan Julian (Thirty Eight) ‐ Juan Julian is the sensitive lector who captivates the dreamers in Santiago’s factory and who spreads his own passion for romance and language to those who will embrace it.

Eliades (45) – Local gamester, runs cockfights.


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