Gutenberg! The Musical!: A Delight at 6th Street Playhouse

This fresh new two-actor musical by Scott Brown and Anthony King delighted the audience opening night with energetic, chimeric performances by Trevor Hoffman and Nick Herman.  The two actors play numerous roles (including  speaking directly to the audience as two hopeful Broadway-bound playwright/performers seeking a backer) in a comedic look at how the printing press might have been invented and all the drama the event creates in the lives of Johannes Gutenberg, it’s inventor, and his sweetheart, Helvetica, who is tempted to thwart Gutenberg’s dreams to teach the world to read by the evil Monk.  The performers were clearly having a great time and the audience enjoyed watching Hoffman and Herman play off each other harmonizing in jokey songs, pulling out silly, clever props, and even creating touching moments at times.

Gutenberg! The Musical! plays through July 22 in The Studio Theatre. For tickets, Click Here or Call (707) 523-4185.


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