3rd Annual 6th Street Improv Invitational Starts This Weekend!

6th Street Improv’s Theatreports™ Invitational starts this weekend!!! And if you liked the television program, Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?, you’ll love experiencing the thrill of comedy improv live!

Theatresports™ combines the thrill of a sporting event with the hilarity of great comedy. The teams take audience suggestions to inspire responses performed in a series of challenge rounds.  A panel of judges scores each performance.  At the end of the evening, one troupe is declared the winner, but everyone at the event wins because they’ve all had a great time laughing and enjoying the whacky humor, daring acts, and clever wit that are unique to comedy improv.  Come down to The Studio and get into the fun!

Friday, March 2
6th Street Improv (Kim Williams, Larry Williams, Gordon Pugh, Anita Barden)
vs. Loose Change (Carrie Caudle, Jeff Gregg, Molly Wixson, and Scott Vachon)

Saturday, March 3
6th Street Improv (Bridget Palmer, Steve Page, Gordon Pugh, Michelle Jensen)
vs. Short Notice (Susan Quintanar, Brooke Cook, Patricia Pearson and Mick Laugs)

Friday, March 9
6th Street Improv ( Anita Barden, Craig Mason, Gordon Pugh, Steve Page, Michelle Jensen)
vs. World’s Biggest Comedy Duo (Adam Aragon, Matlock Zumsteg, Sean Beering, Matt Cadigan, Brandon Wilson)

Saturday, March 10 6th Street Improv (Larry Williams, Steve Page, Michelle Jensen, Kim Williams)
vs. Slip Goose Monkey (Jonathan Spengler, Douglas Sillacci, Skip Wallace)

Come more than once to experience some of the best comedy improv talent in the North Bay!

Tickets only $14 at www.6thstreetplayhouse.com or call (707) 523-4185.

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