The Ticking Clock Rocks!

A Response from audience member Bridget Palmer

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to see The Ticking Clock tonight at the 6th Street Playhouse.  I knew it had a lot of monologues that came from true stories.  I was afraid that it might get a little monotonous, to tell you the truth, but I was very impressed with the event and that’s why I want to share about it!  Not only were the stories poignant, but there was some fabulous acting and Director Linda Reid’s staging added lots of scenic variety which enhanced the storytelling.

Issues related to pregnancy are basically not glamorous, and can be extremely personal, so they don’t get voiced a lot.  This play brought those weighty emotional issues into the public light for us each to ponder and perhaps discuss.  I laughed heartily at times and shed some tears as the events resonated with my own life experiences. It made me wonder why I haven’t had more conversations with girlfriends about some of these issues.  As a comedy improv performer, it also reminded me that potent humor often comes from personal appreciation of the profound truth of a given situation that isn’t “funny”, but emotionally real in a deep way.

I think the decision to produce this show was a real service to the community.   I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and talent that playwright Jody Reid and director Linda Reid brought to shaping the production.  I hope many more women get to see it in the near future and kudos to all the men who came to see it too!

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