Report from First Theatresports™ Evening: 6th Street Improv vs. WBCD

Bridget Palmer, here, Improv Theatresports™ April 2011Producer of 6th Street Improv reporting on what it was like to attend the first weekend of our Theatresports™ Invitational.  Lots of laughter, physicality, and some amazing creativity!  Some of my favorite moments on the first night were when World’s Biggest Comedy Duo did a Helping Hands scene (with Sean Beering providing the hands for Yoga Master Ben Aren’t) as he taught Rachel Smith how to levitate while meditating.  The way the two actors were able to cooperate, Ben could actually lift his legs off the ground, giving the impression that he was floating.  Perfect use of the format and so impressive.  You could hear the whole audience audibly respond with appreciation.  I also loved their Bartender song scene.  Jay Wade, Brandon Wilson, and Rachel Smith all came up with great songs about the troubles they were endowed with and Matlock Zumsteg sang them solutions.  Another hilarious sequence was provided by Michelle Jensen  and Gordon Pugh of 6th Street Improv, when they were two Hillbilly cousins in a car.  There were all kinds of insinuations about family inbreeding and then the audience finally discovered that Michelle’s character, who was smoking and drinking, was pregnant with her cousin’s child for the second time (the first one had died).  Wonder why!  Some dark humor, but it got a big response from the audience.  Another favorite scene was the football themed song by Craig Mason and Anita Barden of 6th Street Improv during their Major Minor Song Challenge.  Craig played a kind of wimpy husband to Anita’s tough but caring wife character, and the emotional interplay between the two as they sang to each other was touching and filled with great imagery.  All the singing got great support from master improv keyboard player Win Meyerson. At the end of the evening, World’s Biggest Comedy Duo was declared the winner, but the biggest winners were the audience members in attendance.  As Kate Polacci told me, “That Theatresports™ show was the most fun I’ve had in a lonnnnng time. Thanks so much!!!”  Comments like that make my day!

If you were there and want to share your impressions or favorite moments, please comment on this post! : )  If you didn’t make it last weekend, you’ve still got a chance to catch a show on April 22 or 23.  I think tickets will go pretty quickly so don’t delay, get your tickets today!

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One Response to Report from First Theatresports™ Evening: 6th Street Improv vs. WBCD

  1. Sue Bonzell says:

    I had a blast playing the part of a judge! Theatersports is a highlight for me at 6th Street. Can’t wait to go again and see more of the great talent here is Sonoma County! Well done Bridget!