Comedy Tonight: A Serious Night of Laughter

Comedy Tonigh Photo - 6th Street Playhouse

Actors from Comedy Tonight

Come and see what’s funny about daily life experiences – including death – at the 6th Street playhouse this weekend! Comedy Tonight is a series of six existential plays on love, death, Catholic Guilt and the human condition.

In the first half, Sure Thing by David Ives looks at the modern courting ritual and the miracle that anyone actually finds a mate! Tarantino Variation by Seth Kramer is a dark comedy about the absurdities and pettiness in our lives, as we look death in the face. The Actor’s Nightmare is another dark comedy by Christopher Durang, exploring Catholic guilt and the existence of God. George is an actor dreaming he is an accountant who suddenly finds himself onstage in a play that he has never rehearsed.

After intermission, we begin with Ties That Bind by Eric Coble: a short play (placed in a carnival setting) that looks at our desire to escape everyday life. This is followed by Your Mother’s Butt, a hysterical comedy by Allan Ball that examines the therapeutic process. Finally, we end with Variations on the Death of Trotsky by David Ives, a comedy that absurdly explores the stages of accepting death.

The acting ensemble is a wonderful mix of talents, with each actor playing several roles and bringing distinct qualities to their characterizations. Laura Davies anchors the proceedings with a great sense of style. Autumn Mirassou is a very expressive actress who continually surprises. Nancy Lawson, a veteran of the stage, makes interesting and expressive choices, while Ray Morgan has fabulous instincts and is continually exploring. Jessie Pennington is a very subtle actor with warmth and a surprising edge. Terry Gault’s performance is particularly improvisational and truthful, while James Pelican is physically and emotionally very flexible. Working with this group has been one of my favorite experiences in the theatre. It was a collaborative process, and I am honored by their trust in me to lead them in the discovery of their roles and the revelation of the plays’ themes.

Finally, the young designers and Stage Manager have brought wonderful creativity and energy to this project. Irie Gilbert, the Costume Designer, has done a wonderful job creating the “looks” that were needed for each play. Glenn Davy has done a fabulous job creating our lighting design. Cheryl Cary, the Set Designer, has created a very useful environment for all six plays. And finally, Patrick Taber – our Stage Manager – has been a jewel, capably handling anything and everything that is asked of him.

We are all looking forward to seeing you at the show! Come laugh with us!

Robin Miller, Director

For tickets, Click Here or call 523-4185, ext. 1.

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