Chasing Down Passion by Linda Reid

By Linda Loveland Reid
Director of The Ticking Clock Project at 6th Street Playhouse
Born in Hollywood, then to rainy but lush Crescent City where father was a fisherman, and finally family settled in Healdsburg where I picked lots of prunes and eventually married my childhood sweetheart, from which was garnered three lovely children and one divorce.
I set off on a quest to find myself. My life partner is Harry Reid, writer, playwright and architect. Over the years, the muses have sent their blessings and I enjoyed a busy journey that includes oil painting, writing, and directing theater. Albeit a late blooming scholar, in 1999, at age 57, I collected two BAs (cum laude) from SSU in History and Art History. I am currently serving as President of Redwood Writers, the largest branch of California Writers Club in the State.
I was a teen-mom and had three children by age 20. Later, my grown children and I formed a family business, ReidLoveland Insurance, and still work together, 98% of the time with fun and pleasure. Was being a teen mother a good idea? Not recommended. If you do it, plan to change your life that day.
First novel (Touch of Magenta) was released in May 2009. To my surprise, it reflects my own experience, one which at age two stamped a curse or challenge (depending on how you see life) on me. Touch of Magenta explores integrity and morality, never simple issues.
I attribute everything I’ve done, or will do, to hard work. That probably sounds prosaic, but that’s it—a willingness to stay the course and a healthy dose of curiosity and passion. On this wild trek they call life, I’ve tried to live by two mottos: Be careful where you’re going because you’re going to get there. And: Never mistake your wish bone for your back bone. As you might imagine, my kids still love me to preach these grabbers.
So, my question is: What are you passionate about right now? Passion is the fuel for a happy life. Passion, like bliss, must be obeyed.
Thanks and…may you live ’til you tilt!
6th Street Playhouse celebrates Women’s History Month, March 2011 with a production of Jody Gehrman’s The Ticking Clock Project directed by Linda Loveland Reid (runs March 18 thru April 3, 2011 at 6th Street Playhouse) and with Essays for Women by Women like this one. More Essays for Women by Women will be posted on this blog between now and April 3. For tickets to The Ticking Clock Project call (707) 523-4185 ext. 1 or go to
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